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“Wayne Parsons…spectacular on opening night”

Deborah Jones, The Australian on Sydney Dance Company’s ‘Shared Frequencies'

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“…then breaks away to follow a soloist. Wayne Parsons zigzags in and out of a crowd, dancing with weight and attack.”

Zoe Andersons, The Independent on Richard Alston’s ‘Overdrive’

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“Wayne Parsons shows off a bit of personality alongside his sound technique.”

Lyndsey Winship. The Stage.

“It’s a neat demonstration of the art and intelligence of the dancer, although Wayne Parsons’ risk-taking work and Alston’s humour make it too absorbing to feel like a lesson.”

Judith Mackrell. The Guardian on Richard Alston Dance Company’s ‘Alert’

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“… features a lovely duet for Wayne Parsons and Charlotte Eatock, in which he swings her round and round him, each flying turn a caught breath.”

Luke Jennings, The Observer on Martin Lawrence’s ‘To Dance and Skylark’.

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“…concluding with a duet of quite overwhelming sensuality that’s danced with love by Wayne Parsons and Jenny White. One of the finds of 2008.”

By Mark Monahan, The Telegraph on National Dance Company of Wales’ ‘Sugarwater’.

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“Performed in fine acrobatic style by Lee Johnston and Wayne Parsons to funky eighties electronics”

Jon Holliday, The Stage on National Dance Company Of Wales’ “Oakfield Ridge’

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