CLAN | 2019


CLAN follows a group of odd balls who find moments of fleeting joy and play in a tired and dusty old world.

CLAN is the result of an intense period of experimentation and play with both theatrical and physical tasks. Material has been created by both the performers and choreographer in what has been a hugely collaborative process. Permission was given to speak, to laugh, to provoke, to move without judgement and to enjoy interacting with one another. What you see is the result of all of that mischievous behaviour.



Here is what CAT DanceXchange student Tristan had to say about his time working on CLAN

“Working with Wayne Parsons has improved my dancing in a way that one hundred classes could not. We explored the importance of play and human movements when creating material, moving away from setting detailed and precise movements.

Wayne encouraged us to use our instinctive reactions, both physical and auditory and we started to naturally create realistic characters with an individual purpose as we performed. Through his unique style of teaching, beautiful stories appeared from investigating the most basic stimulus; eye contact, breath, weight, and tension revealing complex narratives of things which impact us in our everyday life. For instance one game involved using eye contact with a partner, using their breath and any contact between us. This was an extremely simple but effective way of finding movement full of tension and emotion. It’s to this day, one of the best things I’ve done in any dance class. Wayne’s direction of constant exploration and discovery made a huge impact on me and for that I’m extremely thankful for my time working with him.

From all of DanceXchange CAT, we hope we get the opportunity to work with you again.”