Have you ever told an old story to someone new, and noticed that it had changed since you last told it? Or that someone else has remembered it differently?

Many of us would like to think our memories are fixed—snapshots catalogued in the mind. Research has found that we construct our memories anew each time we recount them.

Meeting explores the retelling of a shared memory, investigating what it means to remember.

Meeting premiered at The Place Theatre to a sell out audience on 2 February as part of Resolution! 2013

This production was funded through a successful Crowfunding campaign by the generous contributions of: Manju Bahl, Sudarshan Bahl, Veyom Bahl, Jane Castree, Alison Chadwick, Katie Clark, Deborah Friedell, Pooja Ghai, Shiv Grewal, Kynan Hughes, Shivraj Idione, Shirley Parsons, Coral Parsons, Dean Parsons, Beryl Whitton, Shanta Raj and Hannah Yu.

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