Think about Marilyn Monroe, Amy Winehouse and Sylvia Plath. Think about how we experience these women today. We know these women through the memories of people they met and the stories they share.

Vestige is based on the life of a fictional celebrity named Livia. Her memory is also kept alive in the stories told by those who knew her. With each of their stories painting a different version of Livia, Vestige exposes the fact that we have very little control of the narratives of our lives once we’ve passed.

Touching on celebrity culture, gossip, lies and our obsession with wanting to know those in the limelight, Vestige could not be more timely as we reflect on the high profile losses of 2016.

The Guardian 4 * Review for Vestige

Cast and creatives

Choreography/Direction Wayne Parsons

Writing by Ankur Bahl

Dramaturgy by Pooja Ghai

Set and Costume Design by Nicolai Hart-Hansen

Sound Design by Angus MacRae

Lighting Design by Doug Currie

Performers Katie Lusby, Ian Garside, Sonya Cullingford, Sarah Baltzinger

The development of Vestige was supported by DanceEast, Cambridge Junction, The Place, English National Ballet, Rich Mix, Akademi and the Arts Council England.

Vestige was also supported by the Dance Enterprise Ideas Fund – an East London Dance initiative with Canary Wharf Arts + Events, English National Ballet, Redbridge Drama Centre, Rich Mix, Sadlers Wells and supported by Hoxton Hall, Studio Wayne McGregor, University of East London and Foundation for FutureLondon